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LTL Freight Claims: Refused Damage Claims

It is important to keep in mind that each claim is different and involves different circumstances, so not all of the below information will apply for every claim. Typically, the payer of the freight can only be reimbursed for the freight charges, so they are usually the ones to file a claim. Anyone can file a claim, however, but this is usually the simplest way to do it.

If the item was noted as damaged and refused, someone will first need to take possession of the freight. The carrier will typically only store the refused items for 15 days at the terminal until they begin to charge storage fees. If warranted, it is typically during this time that the carrier will have an inspection done by an independent third party. This third party, or inspector, will mainly be looking for the extent of the damage, what type of damage, and as to why/how it occurred (i.e. was packaging sufficient).

After it is completed, someone qualified to make an assessment will need to do so in order to estim…