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LTL Accessorial Charges: Bill of Lading Instructions

Many shippers write something similar to this on their bills of lading: “No additional services will be paid unless prior authorization is obtained,” thinking this protects them from any unforeseen charges for additional accessorial services performed by a carrier at the time of delivery. This looks good on paper and may make shippers feel good, but the fact remains that this more than likely doesn't mean anything. A note or disclaimer on a bill of lading written by the shipper as such is generally not binding.
The positive side of this coin is that the note does provide the carrier with information that they otherwise would not have. In some instances a carrier may be able to alert the paying party of the needed services before they are performed, but this is the exception to the case. It is unreasonable to think that a carrier could call everyone that requested prior notice for approval for services required that were not originally requested. (Lift gate, inside delivery, etc.) T…